The dreamy temptation to find a magic

White papers: what is it and how it will help promote the project previous post conference “find your traffic ii” – short report next post add a comment your email address will not be publish. Requir fields are mark comment name email website save my name, email and website address in this browser for my subsequent comments. Please enter your answer in numbers: 17 − 7 = I give the company “Marketing from the basics” (ip gubina m. S.) my consent to the processing of my personal data . The confidentiality of personal data is protect in accordance with the legislation of the russian feration. Discussion: 4 comments olga 17.04.2017 at 15:28 thank you for the article.

I’m quite new and I’m afraid of the theme

Now it’s not so scary. Answer maria gubina Bulk SMS Vietnam hanks for your comment. Write, what other questions about the sites you have – we will cover. Answer anna : 04/18/2017 at 09:50 svetlana, thank you for the article! At first glance, it seem that I would not find anything new for myself. The article help to structure the knowlge appli in practice, without hesitation, to look at it from the position of a novice blogger (it is always important not to go far from your clients, otherwise you forget the language and difficulties fac by novice site owners) and of course, specialhite papers: what is it and how it will help promote the project april 17, 2017 internet marketing , copywriting , marketing in difficult situations, pill to get out of the crisis quickly and in one go does not leave us.

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Sometimes we spend so much time and effort

Searching for such a pill that we could have just Doctors Email List taken and solv the problem by earthly methods long ago. But do not miss the opportunity to facilitate the process of overcoming difficulties for yourself, and at the same time help others in this. One of the ways is to prepare instructions, manuals, manuals in advance, if we are talking about the possible difficulties of your customers with your own product. In marketing, such publications have a poetic name – white books. What is a white paper? A white paper is a short book (usually 10-30 pages) that describes the solution to a specific problem of the target audience, in fact it is a practical guide. For example, you are professionally engag in the development of commercial proposals.

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