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They are animated files that can run on any device and can be scaled without being pixelated or quality-damaged, just like files. Lottie Animation Icons We can say that this format is a cousin of the animation format, which has become rather outdated due to the weight it adds to the site. The biggest difference between animation and files is that the former consists of images, the latter is generated by code in the type file, which makes them fully customizable and much less weighty because it is about the ( of the code I repeat myself like a sausage.

Which one do you use most often and why

 With this animation format, we can create very creative web pages without compromising   new database  the loading speed, which as you know is a fundamental aspect of a good user experience today, especially on mobile phones. Stages of designing a website How to Create a file To create a file, you need animation tools and open source extensions that are necessary to export the animation file as a format. The extension includes a player that animates the network, allowing you to easily manipulate and.

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 You can find more documents here. What is the weight of the document? In terms of web performance, we can say that documents bring creativity and modernity to web design without affecting the loading speed. Just as static  Doctors Email List  files such as, or must be optimized and compressed so as not to affect the performance of the website, documents do not have to be optimized, and their impact in this regard is in fact non-existent.

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