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 Graphically, like an elephant, like a whale, like a harmless little ant. In any case, if your site contains too many animation files, it will also look overloaded, so don’t make one of the most common mistakes when designing your site. If you want to use a file on a website, you can download an animation in some repositories: The Lotti File The most well-known and widely used file site. Here, in addition to downloading the animation files, you will find many other resources.

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 Icon Scout From the same person, you can find a good file repository here that you can download and  latest database  bring to your website. Some are free and do not allow major editorial adjustments, but most are paid for ( about thousand documents, wow!). #. On this site you can find free and paid documents, although the fact is that their quality is quite basic at the creative level. #. Lottie Froot Here you will find a number of simple animated icons that you can customize before downloading.

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#. Lodicon is a cool library of animated icons, including many free icons and many paid icons. How to Edit Files From the website, you can easily edit files using its editing tools.  Doctors Email List  With it you can modify colors, text, and other elements until the desired effect is achieved. How to Convert Files In addition, from the website you can access a very interesting tool that allows you to convert files to and then animate them. –

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