Only the review of those who purchas

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Only the review of those who purchas on the marketplace at a price offer to most users is mark with the “Verifi purchase” badge. To calculate the stars. Amazon uses ai models that take into consideration various aspects including: the date of the rating. The verifi purchase status. The authenticity of the comment.
Seller feback
It concerns the service offer by the seller and. Consequently. The customer’s purchasing experience.

It therefore involves the seller's performance

It therefore involves the seller’s performance. Such as the spe and punctuality of shipping. Packaging and assistance provid to the customer in the event of anomalies and problems in the sales process. The customer receives an email inviting him new database to provide his evaluation. Or he can proce independently by leaving feback in the returns and orders section.How to respond to positive feback
Positive reviews are clear proof that the selling company is a reliable and professional partner

And in the digital age they represent the lighthouse

And in the digital age they represent the lighthouse that guides users’ decisions. Responding to positive reviews is a gesture of gratitude that allows you to highlight crucial aspects and values ​​of the organization and its working approach. It’s always good to say quick Doctors Email List thanks. Signal that feback is appreciat. And take suggestions if there are areas for improvement. Positive feback offers a great opportunity: it can be us in your marketing activities on other platforms as well.

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