Learn How to Use AI in Customer Service

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Over the last few years, customers have become increasingly comfortable with self-service options on digital channels. However, when it comes to additional or more complex customer needs, customers prefer human interaction, whether through a call center or assisted chats online.

Where the challenge comes in is that companies today must anticipate where the escalation of customer needs occurs and how to transition. This adds a degree of complexity, as the mix of AI and human solutions must intertwine at some point.


How AI is Changing the Face of Customer Service

While your marketing and sales efforts are taking in a large amount of data, parsing through all that data and gaining actionable insights isn’t as easy.
AI can go through massive data sets and pull out information related to customer behavior patterns.
When you understand the patterns exhibited by your customers, you can better predict the solutions or alternatives that will appeal to your audiences, as well as be able to predict important events and trends.
One way to accomplish this is with the Ws Database use of an AI-powered solution called Ion.
While this platform provides you with the ability to easily create interactive content for your potential and existing customers, it can also do more.
Ion is an AI-powered solution for learning, measuring, and generating insights into your customers’ behavior patterns. With it, you can learn how your customers are engaging with your interactive customer service content by way of the platform’s clear and accurate reporting abilities.
It also easily integrates with your CRM or automation tool, and you can export the data for review and use by your sales and marketing teams.
3. Speeding Up Response Times
In today’s fast-paced world, customers don’t want to wait for answers.
When a customer sends a message through a chatbot or a customer service form, they want an immediate response to their concern.
If you can’t quickly respond to customer needs, they can easily become frustrated with the experience and either leave for a competitor or be disillusioned with the customer service capabilities of your team.
Responding quickly is key to increasing customer satisfaction.

Speedy and Always-Available Response

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