How should SEOs respond?

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Does that actually change how we do seo? A little bit. A little bit. What it doesn’t do, though, is it does not say there is a specific way to do seo for rankbrain itself. Because rankbrain is, yes, helping google select signals and prioritize them, you can’t actually optimize for rankbrain itself. You can optimize for these signals, and you might say, “Hey, I know that, in my world, these signals are much more important than these signals,” or the reverse. For a lot of commercial, old-school queries, keyword matching and link diversity and anchor text are still very, very important.

I’m not discounting those

What I’m saying is you can’t do seo for rankbrain specifically Outlook Email List or not in the classic way that we’ve been trained to do seo for a particular algorithm. This is kind of different.

That said, there are some ways seos should respond.If you have not already killed the concept, the idea of one keyword, one page, you should kill it now. In fact, you should have killed it a long time ago, because hummingbird really put this to bed way back in the day. But if you’re still doing that, rankbrain does that even more. It’s even more saying, “Hey, you know what? Condense all of these. For all of these queries you should not have one url and another url and another url and another url.

You should have one page targeting all of them

targeting all the intents that are like this.” when you  Doctors Eamil List do your keyword research and your big matrix of keyword-to-content mapping, that’s how you should be optimizing there.
It’s no longer the case, as it was probably five, six years ago, that one set of fixed inputs no longer governs every single query. Because of this weighting system, some queries are going to demand signals in different proportion to other ones. Sometimes you’re going to need fresh content. Sometimes you need very in-depth content. Sometimes you need high engagement. Sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you will need tons of links with anchor text. Sometimes you will not. Sometimes you need high authority to rank for something. Sometimes you don’t. So that’s a different model.

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