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Download the ebook The legends surrounding B2B social mia marketing B2B companies is that social networks are not useful because they work in a boring sector not very appealing to the public of those platforms. It’s a completely wrong prejudice: social mia isn’t just made for the world of fashion or cosmetics! They are frequent by more than a billion users and a percentage is certainly interest in your sector. The marketing team’s job is to find that niche audience. The key to success lies when you can think about the type of content that your target customer will appreciate.

For This Reason It is Essential to

Dfine the profile of the buyer persona the identikit of the ideal customer you want to attract and prepare tailor-made social content to capture their interest. They B2b Email List don’t necessarily have to concern the specific sector but can be extend to stimulate the curiosity of as many users as possible. An important rule to remember is to use social mia for the public and not for the company only in this way despite coming from a boring sector can you publish content that is worth sharing continuing to grow the community.

Why it's good not to limit

Yourself to LinkIn Be careful I’m not telling you not to use the most effective social platform for B2B businesses! LinkIn’s reputation wasn’t built by accident Doctors Email List and is an excellent channel for lead generation . However considering all the objectives of the social strategy including branding it makes absolute sense to evaluate other sites. Research by Social Mia Examiner shows that many businesses are starting to explore different directions: 89% of B2B marketers use LinkIn 88% use Facebook 83% use Twitter 55% use YouTube 39% use Pinterest 26% use Instagram Companies present on Instagram or YouTube have understood the potential of social mia to enhance brand reputation.

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