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I will discuss which companies need to make an effort as well as myths and mistakes when working with reputation, key rules and monitoring systems. What is online reputation and where does it live ? Small or big business: reputation is important for everyone online reputation: what is it and where does it live let’s define what reputation is. Putting aside specialized terminology, reputation is what others think of you. But not the beautiful picture that you have drawn in your head about your own business. And now two news: good and not so good. business reputation in recent years is directly related to the internet, because the world is rapidly moving into the digital.

This gives a lot of options for brand promotion

Which we could not have dreamed of even Bulk SMS Hong Kong years ago Actively selling instagram , facebook, youtube for videos and podcasts , google maps, reviews and forums – today you can find tools and opportunities for promoting a company within any, even the smallest budget! True, any smartphone with an internet connection plus an emergency situation (a service error, a disgruntled client seeking revenge or activity from competitors, etc.) can turn a misunderstanding into a disaster. And the same digitalization instantly replicates information about an unpleasant incident on the network. This is the second piece of news. The one that’s worse.

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Remember negativity always travels faster than SMS good news

In order to post content about a new service or product for free, a pr specialist needs to try very hard and captivate the media. But if there was a misunderstanding, then it Doctors Email List will become public at the speed of sound. coffee shop patrons who were asked by starbucks employees to vacate the premises. Despite a competent anti-crisis policy, it turned into a massive boycott of the company and cost it no less than $20 million in losses. Therefore, be aware of the malicious and very dangerous myths that lead the business to a dead end: nothing bad will happen to my company because I do everything right.

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