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There is no need to systematically work with all the components of online reputation: mentions on the internet, comments, reviews, search results, social networks and communities. It is enough to pay attention to one thing (reviews, mentions, social networks, and so on). I will work on building an online reputation later. Small or big business: reputation matters to everyone as practice shows, all companies are vulnerable to negative impact: giant brands like nike and volkswagen, small companies, beauty salons, barbershops and small online stores. The difference is only in the scale of the scandal and its consequences in the form of financial losses and outflow of customers.

Indeed in order to become an unwitting

Participant in the conflict, it is not necessary Bulk SMS China to sell fermented kefir, be rude to customers, accusing them of the imperfection of the world, or force an annoying customer out of the store. For a reputational fiasco, a little is enough: reviews left to chance, an emergency situation, staff confusion, intrigues of competitors or online scammers. The latter, by the way, make a living by leaving negative reviews about a product or service (which they have never seen!) on all kinds of review sites and aggregators. And they remove it when the company pays for the restoration of justice and its good name. Prevention is always cheaper than cure, that’s a fact.

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Therefore so that the reputation bomb

Does not explode and does not bury a small business or cause serious damage to the company, use the universal scheme for working with online reputation. It looks like this: monitoring feedback >> responding to feedback >> generating positive feedback and news . There are modern Doctors Email List tools to help small and large businesses manage their online reputation efficiently and cost-effectively. Let’s take a look at the most common of them. Modern systems for monitoring publications and reviews on the internet it is the systems for monitoring reviews and publications in the media that are the basis of any anti-crisis plan. Forewarned is forearmed.

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