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 When I started to tell that I do online courses, write e-books, blog and build sales tunnels, I got the following response: “I didn’t understand anything about that…” Little by little I started to respond to this comment, “It’s okay, it’s enough that I understand.” It felt challenging trying to get acceptance and support from the most important people in my life. Support and approval for the path I had chosen.  you don’t support you on the way to your own dream? I remember one time when I managed to launch one of my online courses really well.

How do you react when those around

I excitedly went to my loved ones for coffee and told them that I had received sales of more than €15,000 in two weeks. I was so proud special data of my achievement! Their reaction? “It’s worth being careful that no one gets disappointed by the course and asks for the money back…” I love and value my loved ones more than anything and I understand that they don’t understand my work. That day I made a decision not to bother them with my work any more. Maybe you have experienced something similar?  love blogging and spend a lot of time on it. They don’t understand how blogging is possible to make money. Those close to us love us more than anything.

Your loved ones don't understand that you

They know what we are good at and what bad habits we have. They have known us for many decades. When we start the journey towards our own dream, they see no path and no destination. They don’t understand that there is permission to do more than study and go to paid work and do the same boring job for 40 years until we retire. We break the normal career path. And it makes loved ones feel uncomfortable. Think about it this way. You have a friend who is 30 kilos overweight. One day you tell him that “you can lose 10 kilos by jogging Doctors Email List 2 km 5 days a week for five weeks”. When you see him the next day, he’s doing jumping jacks and squats instead of running.

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