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when they are most active. Additionally, you can take advantage of interval pinning   to schedule pins at healthy, preset intervals. You can also use a drag and drop calendar to reset where everything goes. Since you’re a Pinterest Marketing Partner, you know it’s 100% safe to use. In fact, you can use its multifunctional browser extension to pin posts to multiple boards, custom lists, and multi-board plans.

By that, we mean engaging your audience

You can also use Tailwind’s recommended best practices to actively monitor your pin’s performance. Another notable feature of Tailwind is its brilliant communities! Be a part of communities that cater to over 20,000 XNUMX niches and reach newer audiences. In fact, you can new data  partner with new influencers by meeting them online. Don’t forget to put the Pin Inspector to spot top performing posts so you can replicate more of what works. Or better yet, use the Pin Report above to see what’s working and what needs tweaking. #4.hoot suite You tube video Pinterest is all for inspiration and for businesses that want to make the most of it. Hootsuite can help.

Snigel experts create a monetization strategy

Make your boards beautiful and manage multiple accounts on one board. There is more! You can create public and private boards directly from  Doctors Email List Hootsuite. In fact, you can manage Pinterest as a team. Manage multiple accounts without compromising the power of a single, secure, and integrated workflow. You can also measure your business results and understand how to connect the dots between website conversions and Pinterest activity.

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