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Choosing which product to buy is not always a simple task. The consumer needs a stimulus, something that. Therefore, makes them feel attracted and helps them recognize that this product is necessary. Only then will you make the purchase decision, for this reason, on this occasion we will teach. Therefore, you how to produce content for each stage of the sales funnel and thus perform better.

All stages, from the moment someone recognizes. That they have a need until the moment of purchase. Therefore, are known as the sales funnel , a process widely explored in inbound marketing.

What is the sales funnel What it is

To understand the sales funnel , it is necessary to understand the consumer’s purchasing journey.

Before purchasing, the consumer has company data a first contact with the company. Thinking What it is about the image of the funnel, we can say that this. However, initial stage is “wider”, because it covers more. People who, generally, do not know the business.

However, In a second moment, the person perceives that this business. Can solve a certain problem and. with Examples therefore, considers buying. This stage is a little more “narrow”, since the number of leads is smaller than in the previous phase.

Afterwards, the person evaluates purchasing that service or product by. However, understanding that the solutions it offers are the best for their problem. This process is even more “narrow,” because the number of people who get here is naturally smaller.

What is the role of content marketing in the sales funnel

In addition, Content marketing can be considered a guide within the consumer journey. Each level of the funnel – top, middle and bottom – requires a different  approach with the client.

At each stage, it is necessary to present interesting and relevant content that. In addition, allows the person to learn about the solutions that the business offers to generate greater engagement. Therefore, content marketing is Doctors Email List the strategy that will lead a person to know your brand and, later, convince them to buy.

It is necessary to understand that each level requires a different strategy so that content. In addition, marketing presents the most appropriate content according to the phase in which the person is within the sales funnel.

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