Transport Like Cattle on a Single Bus

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With this I do not seek to victimize myself or open a judicial process against the teachers who mark those eleven school years of my life govern, mainly, by a rote and repetitive ucation, and add to this: castrator of dreams, which is the closest thing to projects of life that a teenager begins to consider at that age full of seizures and acne. But in defense of the schools that my parents chose to give me, I could say that there were times – some ethereal and poetic days of didactic enlightenment from my teachers – when I had a good time, and I felt that being there was useful, it began to cover that quota. of a mium-siz private school that promis in its advertising to remove future bricks from the

Leaving Empty in Front of an

Floydian wall. If you are observers, you will have notic those funny quotes about novel, innovative and new, because I am convinc that the vast majority of these proposals that are consider almost revolutionary or “disruptive” have always walk around, very fearfully in that prison that was the closest synonym to our school world and only very few teachers had that desire to explore business email list and dream like teenagers about leaving their role and giving true value to the main protagonist of this film call school life. Project Bas Learning has always been there, it was always present in the daring teachers who decid to take small steps of change in the schools of 40 or 30 years ago, moving away from those classes that reach diazepanese doses,

Impatient Crowd Is Ultimately a

Changing day into night and with this the generaliz dream: a student protagonist does not mean that he does whatever he wants, but rather, that he interprets what the teacher has said so that he makes decisions and promotes in them that learning to learn that will Doctors Email List lead him to investigate to satisfy that desire to know that he himself has generat by accepting himself as the protagonist of his learning. Today’s schools must invite us to understand that life, although it is unique and no one is equal to the other, is bas on collaboration, on that group work that we often don’t like, with that partner who is “different” from us. to move the project forward, because if not,

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