There will be times when you will want to type

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 a domain name like or would be a vanity domain under this definition. Others use “vanity domain” similarly to “vanity url”. Referring to short domain names that are us   in vanity or shorten   urls. As in the previous example. If your regular domain name is You could use as your vanity domain. Why worry about vanity urls? Why worry about vanity urls? As you can see. Vanity urls are easier and faster to accept. You might think this doesn’t matter too much: after all. Someone can find a page on your website – or your social m  ia profile or group – by clicking on a link or searching for it.


Such as on cards cards

 But. As much as you are focus   on internal linking and seo. There will africa email list be times when you will want to type the link itself (plus people will see it in their browser window). This means that vanity urls have a lot of advantages over regular ones. Including: they’re much easier to type while most of your visitors will likely find themselves clicking through to your site (or at the very least copying and pasting) a link. Some won’t. Think of all the places you might have links that can’t be easily click   or select  : on videos or slides (especially “thank you” or “contact” slides) in presentations or webinars in print   materials. Such as on cards cards. Bookmarks. Flyers or brochures in newspaper reports or book footnotes – you want to make the most of these citations they look more professional and reliable a potential (and long-standing) alternative to using a url of vanity is to use a service like bit.


Which is especially important

Ly to create a short url that looks like this: Doctors Email List while this might fit well in a tweet or footnote. It hardly inspires trust. That link could point anywhere – and people might even be suspicious of links with lots of numbers and characters like this. A vanity url. However. Gives a professional. Brand   feel – and seems more trustworthy. People know what to expect bas   on the url itself. Which is especially important if they’re not already familiar with you (and therefore have no reason to trust you). They can be read aloud easily vanity urls look great on the page or screen – but they also have the huge advantage of being able to be read aloud easily.

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