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Readability tells how readable and eye-catching the post is. Here are three points to pay attention to. We’ll go through them a little later in this post. There are 12 points in SEO that should be in green so that the optimization works in the best possible way. It is important to remember that the Language Options affect the functionality of Yoast. For example, Yoast does not understand inflections and synonyms in the same way as in English. For this reason, there is a very high chance that all 12 points will not be greenlit. But as long as most of it is green, that’s enough. WordPress blog SEO optimization Yoast And when I talk about 12 green points, I mean these: WordPress blog SEO optimization green in this example post, but the biggest part is. Here’s why I love this add-on.

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After I’ve written a post, I can go to the bottom of the post to check which points are in green, which in yellow, and which in red. The goal is new data of course to turn the yellows and reds into green. Of these three red points, I can easily fix two. I can add a few external links to the post and add a keyword to a couple of places in the post. The yellow section is also easy to edit, i.e. it only requires that I add the search term to a few subheadings in the post. With these measures, I get almost all the balls green. Piece of Cake! What does the reader see on Google? the fact that the short excerpt shown in Google can be edited. Editing is possible in most blog platforms, but in WordPress and using the Yoast SEO plugin, editing the excerpt is child’s play.

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By the way, the names meta-description and slug are also used for the extract. In the Yoast plugin, the meta description is translated into shortcode. WordPress blog SEO optimization Yoast By clicking the ” Edit shortcode ” button, you can edit the text that appears in Google. You can enter about 270 characters in the meta description. What I often do is take an interesting point from a post and add it directly here. WordPress blog SEO optimization Yoast Post readability as part of search engine optimization Readability is a big factor in search engine optimization. If the text is too dense and the eyes don’t have a chance to rest, the reading of the post will be left unfinished very quickly. Eyes Doctors Email List get tired faster when staring at long text. Therefore, attention should be paid to the appearance of the text.

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