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And session—the ones people travel thousands of miles to see. Dont wait. Get your OnDemand ticket and enjoy actionable content that you can watch anytime anywhere. GET YOUR ONDEMAND TICKET NOW ABOUT THE AUTHOR Anna Sonnenberg Anna Sonnenberg specializes in paid and organic Twitter Instagram and Facebook marketing. For 6+ years she has run Sonnenberg Mia a micro agency that provides social mia and email support to brands and businesses.Are you using Reels to reach new

Customers Are you

 Taking advantage of the latest options? In this article youll discover how to use the latest placements and creative tools for Reels ads on Facebook and Instagram. Ads on Reels Updat Options for Marketers by business email list Social Mia Examiner Why Advertisers Should Consider Reels Placements If you arent using Reels ads yet consider exploring this format before it becomes saturat. Between Facebook and Instagram Reels has a potential advertising audience size of nearly 1.5 billion people. Yet the Facebook and Instagram Reels

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Rrelatively underutiliz. For example in 2022 Reels made up just 3% of Facebook ad impressions. Since 2022 Meta has been gradually rolling out new Reels placements iting tools and customization options for both Facebook and Instagram ads. These new features are helpful for advertisers Doctors Email List looking to improve their Reels ads which means they also benefit creators seeking to monetize their short-form video content. As of June 2023 Ads Manager has more options than ever to it and optimize Reels ads. Highlights include a new

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