SEO for Multiple Locations Beginner’s Guide

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To attract customers from certain geographic locations with organic search, you’ll need to start implementing SEO for multiple locations. But how exactly can you do this? Let’s get started. What is it? Multiple location SEO (MLS) is the process of optimizing your business’s organic search presence for multiple geographic locations. It may sound complicated, but it’s similar to regular SEO, with a few additions. MLS is particularly important for businesses like restaurants, service-based businesses, or retail chains that have multiple stores with their own established presence.

The benefits are

That it enables your business to reach a larger audience—both in the online world and the offline world. So how do you get started? Basics In Google, there are executive email list two primary ways to appear for geographic-based searches, either as part of the regular organic results or the map pack (also known as the local pack). The first thing I look at is the website’s structure. If you have multiple physical locations, it’s a good idea to set up location-specific landing pages. But only if there is search demand for these pages and only if you have a physical location in those places. But how can you work out what the search demand is? Simple—you can use Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer.

SEO for Multiple you own

A dog walking business in the U.S. and you want to optimize it for the physical locations in New York City and Chicago. How do you do it? If we open Doctors Email List Keywords Explorer, plug in “dog walking services,” and head to the Matching terms report, we can see Chicago is a key location without even looking at the keyword list. Once we have set up these pages, we can populate them with all the important information about that particular location. The important details to include are what’s known as your “NAP”—the name, address, and phone number of that business’s location.

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