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After all there is no magic in the fact that a person seeks to improve what is completely in his power, and in an absolutely harmless way for himself. The desire to look aesthetically pleasing is both respect for others and a worthy example that inspires others to make elementary efforts to also look at least more aesthetically pleasing. If you think about it, makeup is an act of creation, an act of creativity applied to itself. For me, doing makeup is essentially like doing face design. But the design is different. The most correct one is when it answers the question “why?” here I agree completely and completely – and this is the question that.

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Me as a makeup artist-master, or as a makeup SMS Gateway Denmark artist-trainer For what? Here you have to be very honest with yourself. Because makeup can really lead to the goal. And here it is important not to make a mistake with the goal. Create a personal brand – can this be the purpose of makeup? A personal brand without an aesthetic appearance is possible. Here, for example, the famous performer sergey shnurov – I’m not sure that he necessarily needs makeup to create a personal brand although I can’t presume to say that the singer avoids make-up artists, judging by the photographs in magazines with make-up artists, sergey has a well-established relationship.

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A person-brand should not have a glossy face, enlarged Doctors Email List pores should not gape, a bright pimple should not suddenly pop up on his forehead, the whites of the eyes should not be red, there should not be a vascular pattern in the area of ​​​​the wings of the nose. Is it possible to master the art of makeup on your own or do you need to take a consultation? Nowadays, there is a lot of information on the internet about makeup. You can learn a lot of interesting and useful things from the network without resorting to third-party help at all. It is frightening that in the desire to learn on our own, we often grab disparate information and do not understand how to apply it personally to ourselves, to our own individual characteristics.

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