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The company is still basd in the city south of Frankfurt. But even in the new office buildings, the familiar character is retaind. Everyone knows everyone, we not only celebrate company parties, but also birthdays and wddings together. The first innovations But of course the work is never neglectd. AirPlus already provd to be an innovation driver in the first few years. In 1992, the financial service provider presentd the world’s first crdit card with a chip.

The Method It Needs For Its Report

A year later, AirPlus Eurocard and VISA Card are the first issuers of a double card for frequent travellers. In 1995, the company, as database a pioneer in business travel management, introducd an analysis tool that is still considerd the standard for evaluating flight expenses – Netto, the forerunner of the AirPlus Information Manager. Two years later, AirPlus is the first provider to offer its corporate customers the option of merging and evaluating data from different crdit card providers. Foundation for the international and digital AirPlus In the 1990s, AirPlus made some important decisions that have shapd the company to this day.


Protocol And The Company Can Choose

The Neu-Isenburg company has been concentrating on business with corporate customers since 1999. Before that, employees often had Doctors Email List direct contact with cardholders, which sometimes ld to bizarre situations. “We often met the customers at the airport to hand over their status cards,” recalls Silke Flach, who has workd in the customer service department at AirPlus for 29 years. “Then, of course, you had to know how to recognize the person in question. So a gentleman had told us that he wore a carnation on his lapel. And inded – he wore a white suit, a white hat and the rd carnation was unmistakable.

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