On the one hand this is a small ambush

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Then we opened a branch in bryansk, and suddenly we found that we were building the first federal network. This is our first difference. We ourselves did not want it, but since it is already working out, since there are some developments, then this should be used. We went to the regions following the clients who invited us there, receiving new clients, already regional ones. Our second difference lies in our title “Best service”, because anything can be a service, and taking into account the fact that we work mainly with the automotive market, there the word service refers to certain events with a certain set of functions – and this is not a printing house at all.

On the other hand, building my business

I start from the fact that I am doing a Bulk SMS Kuwait service for my client, and not just providing a typewriter. There can be many typewriters, but a normal service, especially in printing, is less common. In moscow, because of competition, it still exists, but in the regions  We in bryansk captivated the market with one “chip”: they began to give away business cards in special boxes, and not tied with rubber bands. Everyone noticed it, they began to share it. And in moscow this is the norm, there is nothing unusual here and no one will pay attention. What do you mean by the title “best service”? What does “Best” mean? There is a certain ideal to which we aspire. There are always some flaws, there is always something to fix.

Bulk SMS Service

We work, learn from our mistakes and ourachievements

Achievements are scaled, mistakes are corrected Doctors Email List the concept of service, I put the following: we do everything to remove the maximum headaches from the customer. We do everything related to printing. The customer has a need to feel – please, product samples, papers. There is a need for consultation – and it always exists – please, consultation. We don’t even ask about shipping. This is delivery when you need it, and where you need it. We deliver to the offices, to the venues of the customer’s events, we deliver them through the network of service stations.

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