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Original sound. To add another layer of sound you can choose royaltyfree music from each networks library. If your videos include dialog or voiceovers make sure to add subtitles or captions to make the content easier to understand. With Instagram you can add captions using the apps caption sticker. LinkIn (below) creates subtitles automatically. Use Interactive Elements Ideally viewers are doing more than just watching your

Videos and scrolling

Past. Interactive elements can make it easy for viewers to engage on b2b email list select social mia networks—especially when pair with a great video and a relatable caption. For example Instagram has poll and quiz stickers (left) that let viewers weigh in on simple questions. Instagram and Facebook have the add yours sticker (right) which encourages viewers to contribute their own content to a theme. : How to Create MobileOptimiz Stories Stories are a type of mobilefirst content so its easy to assume that any you publish will be optimiz for mobile.

However that isnt

Always the case especially if you tend to produce and schule stories on desktop. Creating stories on desktop might be a better fit with your workflow and schuling stories can allow you to batch content creation which can save a ton of time. Yet most timesaving tools and tactics for Stories eliminate Doctors Email List any options for optimizing this type of content. Stories tend to work best when theyre engaging and interactive. That typically means its in your best interest to create them directly in the Instagram app where you can add native elements. For example you can add native text overlays that provide context and prompt followers to reply. You can also

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