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In conclusion, subliminal messages in advertising are a controversial. Marketing with Debated topic in the field of digital marketing. While some advocates. Argue that they may have benefits by influencing the consumer’s subconscious. Essential to consider both the advantages and disadvantages associated with their use. Brands should be cautious when considering the use of subliminal messages in their advertising and should. Prioritize transparency and respect for consumers. It is essential to focus on creating clear, relevant and ethical messages. That generate an authentic connection with consumers, fostering a strong relationship based on trust.

Limitations Marketing with in persuasion and engagement

Although it has been argued that subliminal messages. Can influence the industry email list consumer’s subconscious processes, their effectiveness in generating lasting persuasion and genuine engagement is questionable. Persuasion based on subliminal messages may lack the emotional and rational connection necessary to establish strong relationships between brands and consumers.

Difficulty of measurement and control

Because subliminal messages are not perceived consciously, Doctors Email List their impact and effectiveness are difficult to measure accurately. It is difficult to evaluate how they influence consumer attitudes and behaviors, making it difficult to objectively evaluate their effectiveness and profitability compared to other more conventional marketing strategies.

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