Implacable Logic of Cost-Benefit

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In line with this humanist attitude, his libertarian spirit l him to defend the right of human beings to decide the moment of their own end and to become an activist for Exit , the British organization found in 1935 to promote the right to euthanasia. . Logic of Cost It was Koestler who wrote the foreword to the pamphlet that this organization has been selling since 1981, which includes a series of painless and safe methods to commit suicide. Arthur Koestler: at the foot of the abyss In 1983, the writer would have the opportunity to put his most intimate and iron principles into action.

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He and his wife Cynthia, twenty years his junior, and at that time in perfect health, end their lives by taking a dose of barbiturates. Koestler had develop Parkinson’s disease and leukemia that was slowly taking away his life. Through a letter written a year before, with a serene tone, he gave an account of the reasons b2b email list for his decision. In one of the final paragraphs, he said: I want my friends to know that I leave their company with full mental faculties, with some timid hope in a depersonaliz afterlife beyond the limits of space and time and the limits of our understanding.

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This oceanic feeling has often sustain me in difficult times, and also now, as I am writing this. (Steiner, 1984, p. 319). In an article that was collect in a compilation work that present the diverse perspectives assum by prominent Doctors Email List intellectuals about death – Life after death, which appear in 1976–, and among whom was none other than Arnold Toynbee, Logic of Cost the famous British historian, Koestler reflect with great insight on the fate that may await human beings after the final end. In recent times, moreover, he has dicat himself with concentrat attention to trying to unravel the mystery of paranormal phenomena.

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