Then measure the cost of the goal. Goals are realistic. If you run a small business, assuming a single sweepstakes can get you 50,000 entries and 10,000 likes is an unrealistic goal. Although the goal can be higher, it must be achievable and surpassable. “Giveaway event process” 1. Publish a preview post, and at the same time ask the user what gift they want to get 2. Officially release the announcement post 3. Re-post reminders to remind those who have not participated in the event to attract users who missed the event post before 4 , Create a sense of urgency for the last chance before the event 5. Announce the winners and congratulate the winners.

Giveaway Event Introduction

Clarify the participation conditions of your event, refer to the following examples. Clarify the content of the giveaway, and at the same time, the rules of participation are clear and concise, without too many unnecessary words, the conditions and steps of participation are indicated in separate columns with numbers, and the style of the words is also Latest Mailing Database consistent with your own brand style. 2. conditions should not be too high. For example, if participants are required to complete cumbersome steps such as making videos or taking pictures for feedback, but the value of the product is not particularly high, then users will not be interested in the product. 3. Choose the right gifts and prizes, and the choice of prizes should match the target audience.

The ideal gift should be valuable something

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The target seller wants or needs), relevant (the gift must be related to your business, otherwise it is a meaningless activity) and unique (unavailable and unique elsewhere) The product is very attractive to the audience) 4. Screen the participants. If you simply tag the giveaway, your audience may be the entire user. Many of them are only interested Doctors Email List in the gift but not in your product. participants, so how to limit the participants of your activities is very necessary; firstly, limit the qualifications of users to participate, and users who cannot open the store cannot participate; secondly, narrow the scope of labels, and use labels related to products and industries can be more accurate Target your audience.