How to improve my personal productivity

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How to  Every year something similar happens to us. January arrives and we start thinking about what things we can improve in the new year. We start making the list of purposes. One of the topics that we would all like to optimize is our productivity in general or looked at from another point of view, how we can do more in less time to have more time for our private life.

What is the best personal productivity tool How to

How to  Like everything in this life, and with productivity category email list even more, we need a system to obtain maximum performance. To write this article I have relied on the personal experiences of my public WhatsApp group Clarity, path and illusion (if you are interested in joining, write to me and I will add you ). Beyond the system, I think the most important thing is that we start by being aware that we have to follow several phases for it to work. When it comes to working, we all have our productivity system. 

Why is it important to do a subsequent analysis of our notes productivity

We often confuse being busy with moving forward. Doing many Doctors Email List tasks every day gives us that feeling of progress, that when we analyze what we have done we realize that we have not made progress on important projects. That is why it is important that we learn to identify what things contribute to us and which do not, and make decisions about those that do not provide us value.

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