Social networks: do I need to be on all of them to generate results

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Social media Share Social networks are among the main means of information at the moment and are especially effective in reaching young people. After all, how many 18- to 25-year-olds read the newspaper every day in their social circle? It is likely that few or none. This audience is already adapted to first-hand news, live videos and everything at the time – in many cases, with everything chewed up and summarized to facilitate the absorption of the content. All this needs to be taken into account when defining the networks that will be used in the communication of your product/service or during the dissemination of marketing campaigns. Select the social networks suitable for your business Social media selection can be a bit confusing for some marketers.

With so many options available the easy route is always

which is to opt for Facebook . Currently, the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg remains firm and strong in Brazil. However, with the change in algorithms, most brands have suffere from a drop in engagement on posts. To be noticed by users or future visitors to the page, it is necessary to invest in Facebook Ads . Of course, no one is oblige to sponsor posts, but if you want to get some return, I recommen it. The important thing is to know that Facebook is not the only option for your business. Despite being the most used.

Pinterest is an alternative but it is more aime at

profiles that want to showcase collections and artwork in large quantities. LinkedIn is a networking sitepro fessional that can function as a social network, mainly with the strengthening of Pulse and the internal debates that take place there. However, its main function is to be use as a means of searching for new job opportunities or by recruiters. Even though it is not a social network.YouTube is a good video sharing tool that can be use in your marketing strategy. According to the Social Media Examiner , 83% of marketers consider social media critical to their business. But before you go along with everyone else, analyze the networks. Go after other numbers that justify your choice and observe the public’s relationship .With the segment you want to explore in digital communication .

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