Conduct joint events targeting the same audience

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People come to the yoga festival, and at the same time they are offer suitable clothes, rugs, healthy products, talismans, etc. Option 2: introduce your product through partners. For example, you agre with a company in a nearby office center to hold a free lecture for their employees about new trends in the autumn-winter season. Post lecture announcements in the lobby so that other employees of this center can come to you. Or you go to a creative studio to do something with your own hands and agree in advance with the owner.

The studio to arrange a competition

You choose by general Spain Email List vote and present a prize – a certificate for your services. Try to fit your products or services into the lives of potential customers as naturally as possible. Weave and help, not impose and invite. Now it’s time for natural, native advertising. Like, for example, apple and sprite do it. Organically fit into the atmosphere organically fit into the atmosphere step five – loyalty programs you probably have accumulat a lot of cards from different stores that are dead weight. Do you know why the owner nes such a card? No, don’t give discounts. And to receive maximum information about the client and his purchases in order to change the assortment and offer the goods personally to each buyer.

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Discounts are a nice bonus for the client

Incentive to get a card. How it works? Let’s say you Doctors Email List own a small coffee and tea shop. You give a card to each new client for free, motivating you with cumulative discounts and gifts for the holidays. All customer purchases are record on the card in the program. And when a customer enters the store, the salesperson recognizes him (ahh, good afternoon, marya ivanovna!), quickly types in his name, and the program shows what this person usually buys. The seller looks at the assortment and understands what novelties and additions it is better to offer the client.


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