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Therefore in order not to miss a malicious review that can turn into a giant negative, use comment monitoring. Now there are even special services for this. Service examples if you work only on the vkontakte social network, then tools such as vk admin and moderator will be useful to you . They collect comments only on your vk communities. Through them, you can post new posts, reply to clients in private messages, and even manage your advertising account. The cost is free. networks and instant messengers, then angry.Space , chat2desk or yeahdesk services will suit you . Angry.Space collects all activities at once: mentions, comments, and messages.

All popular social networks, allows you to respond

Directly from the interface and process Bulk SMS Service in Sri Lanka customer requests as a team. It looks like this: moderaciya-commentary an additional plus in working with chat2desk or yeahdesk services will be a customer phone book and a sales funnel. But there is a downside – these services use an insecure api to connect instagram direct. This can lead to blocking, shadowban or deletion of the instagram account. We advise you not to connect your direct to monitoring and monitor only comments – this is safe. If you still use some services for instagram, you can recognize whether they are safe or not in a simple way. Secure services log in through facebook, dangerous ones ask for a username and password from instagram.

Bulk SMS Service

Service moderacii to understand the cost

The services mention, consider an example: the service is us to Doctors Email List monitor three communities (facebook, vkontakte, instagram), one operator works, which processes up to 2000 messages per month. Angry.Space – from 590 rubles / month. (trial period 14 days). Chat2desk – from 5000 rubles / month. (trial period 7 days). Yeahdesk – from 2680 rubles / month. (trial period 7 days). Be as transparent as possible the client likes to understand that he is paying for something that is really worth his money. Tell us about the production process, pricing policy, describe step by step the stages of the transaction.

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