You Rang? Banishing Those Pesky Telemarketers!

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Those Pesky Telemarketers Let’s face it, telemarketers can be a real nuisance. Their constant calls disrupt our evenings, pushing unwanted products and services. But fear not, fellow forum dwellers! Here’s a battle plan to reclaim your phone’s peace:

1. The National Do Not Call Registry: Your First Line of Defense

The FTC’s National Do Not Call Registry ( is a must-do. It’s a free service that reduces legitimate telemarketing calls. Register your landline and mobile numbers (it takes a few minutes) and telemarketers have 31 days to stop calling. Not a silver bullet, but it helps!

Wield the “Stop Calling” Hammer You Rang? Banishing

When a telemarketer does get through, politely but firmly tell them to remove you from their list. By law, they must comply. Here’s a script: “Please put me on your Do Not Call list and remove my number from your records.” Keep a record of the date, company name (if provided), and phone number for future reference.

Call Blocking on Your Phone Those Pesky Telemarketers

Most smartphones and some landlines have built-in call blocking features. Consult your phone’s manual or provider for instructions. You can block specific numbers or enable anonymous call blocking (blocks calls with unavailable numbers).

4. Consider Call Blocking Apps:

Several third-party call blocking apps can identify and block spam calls. These apps often use community-sourced databases to flag suspicious numbers. Do your research and choose a reputable app with good reviews.

5. Don’t Engage with Robocalls:

Those annoying automated calls? Don’t press any buttons or answer Malaysia Phone Number questions. Robocalls use responses to confirm a live number and sell your info. Let them go to voicemail or silence your ringer.

6. Beware of “Caller ID Spoofing”:

Telemarketers sometimes mask their numbers to appear legitimate. Don’t trust Caller ID alone. If a call seems suspicious, don’t answer.

7. Fight Fire with Fire (Carefully):

Some folks recommend wasting telemarketers’ time with silly questions or long winded stories. This can be fun, but use caution. Don’t reveal personal information or engage in heated arguments.

Report Abuses to the FTC

If a telemarketer violates the Do Not Call Registry or harasses you, report them to the FTC at The more reports, the better chance of taking action against these companies.

Remember: Reducing telemarketing calls takes a multi-pronged Australian Phone Number approach. By using these tips and staying vigilant, you can reclaim your phone and your peace of mind.

Bonus Tip: Consider a call screening service. These services answer calls for you, identify legitimate callers, and block unwanted ones.

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