There is no ne to try to improve everything

Another course is on the way. It is as close as possible to the full “Tao opy”. There I collect all my achievements in one big block (as I like). Unloading the body and mind, relaxing the priests, of course, and a bit of metaphysics. There will be a block about getting to know yourself from the point of view of more subtle, as oppos to bodily, settings. It is for secular women who are not so esoteric as to fe the birds at night, and not in a strict diet, realizing that the psyche, although not localiz in the body, but it is. — what can you wish for those who are building their own business or are just looking for their calling.

Done is better than perfect

There is no ne to wait for the perfect moment Bulk SMS Indonesia bringing the project or product to perfection for years. You just ne to take it and do it. And understand, twist, improve – in the process. And study, of course. I have already sent many to “Marketing from the basics”, and now for mentoring with masha – a recommendation for great love.client during and after the program. (after processing the questionnaire data, we draw conclusions: what nes improvement and refinement, and what should be left as it is ) it is important here that your conclusions are correct. That was written to us in the questionnaire or what the team prescrib.

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It is important to correlate the obtain

With the goals and objectives of your ucational Doctors Email List product and the portrait of the target audience. For convenience, you can collect everything that you yourself. Your team and clients record in the feback questionnaires. Go through each item, checking what changes can be made in this or that case. It is better if you do this not alone, but together with your team or methodologist. After all, discussion and brainstorming , as you know, give good results. If you don’t have your own team, it can be various mastermind groups for experts who develop their online product and want to monetize it.

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