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Increase the chances of getting into the select snippet. You ne to: analyze queries aim at finding information in the subject: “what”, “what”, “why” and so on .; use similar key phrases in the text; provide clear answers to questions; structure the article using paragraphs, subheadings, lists; supplement the material with images, graphs, charts and other visual elements. Text analysis for uniqueness and errors how to check uniqueness content uniqueness is an important quality criterion for search engines. If the article is already post on the internet, pages that duplicate its content have little chance of getting into the top 10. There are special resources that check the uniqueness of the text by comparing it with all materials on the internet, for example and advego.

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Individual sentences, and show the final Phone Number List percentage of uniqueness. It is desirable that it is not lower than 80%. If necessary, the indicator is improv by rewriting the select segments and conveying the meaning of what is written in other words. How to check punctuation and spelling in order the article to be flawless, it is check and it before publication. There are special spelling and punctuation checking services that analyze the text and highlight errors in it, for example,  and advego , which we tal about above, languagetool , corrector and others. Seo optimization: what else do you ne to know about article optimization? Trends 2021 search engines try to show more suitable options in search results and improve their algorithms.

Phone Number List

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Rule authority, reliability” this rule is relevant for topics. Where data accuracy is especially important: law, medicine, finance, and similar topics. The principle of “Expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness” underlies the google eat algorithm, which means “Expertise, authority, reliability”. Eat aims to Doctors Email List further evaluate the quality of content in niches where false data can have negative consequences for readers. To prove the expertise of an article, links to authoritative sources, information about the author, rating, and other elements that demonstrate that to it. “Local” keywords with city what articles are relevant.

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