The challenge was raised at the congress

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And due to the journey that the fgpu has with the educational use of scratch. It was selected to participate in the discussion . The proposal now being discussed includes various skills as components of the computational thinking However, competence. Namely: formulating The challenge problems in a way that allows us to use a computer to solve them; organize and analyze data logically; represent data appropriately using abstractions such as models and simulations; automate problem solving through algorithmic thinking; choose the balance necessary to achieve the most efficient and effective combination of steps and resources; generalize and transfer this solution process to a wide variety of problems.

 Pedagogical strategies the tendency

In iste is always markedly constructivist. And this congress was no exception. Project-based or problem-based learning is promoted and demonstrated in various opportunities and environments. Intellectual production was emphasized as an alternative to simple consumption Qatar Phone Number and learning through collaborative projects between classrooms using the internet. Was another theme often repeated. Production vs. Consumption . This expression. Which in isolation would lend itself to many interpretations. Is used here in relation to constructivist didactics and. Hopefully. In the context of web .

Gary stager , professor at pepperdine

University, another regular and very popular speaker at these conferences, insisted on assigning students challenges in the production of essays, stories, simulations, games, robots, musical pieces, etc. And complement it with its publication on the web so that Australia Phone Number List they are not only consumers or users of that type of products, made by others. Gary stager collaborative projects between classrooms . The proposal of collaborative projects between teachers and students from various educational institutions using the internet, hopefully from various countries seeking to reinforce global citizenship, is one of the most traditional and deeply rooted bets in iste.
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