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What customers usually ask is the situation they encountered. As a domain expert, it is best to convert the problems encountered by customers into “problems” for which clear solutions can be seen.

For example, our clients will tell us: “He runs self-media on Facebook and Instagram, but the reach and tracking numbers have never increased.” This is the problem they encountered, and the topic is: “Don’t understand How the platform algorithm works.

Turn the customer’s problem into a “topic” and reorganize it to the other party in the form of a list. This can help you establish your expert authority. When you redefine the problems they encounter, you can also better connect them. Next step solutions are provided.

Share your solutions, prices

If they agree with all the topics you defined for them in the previous step, then tell them how you can assist them with changes and propose prices and conditions for your services.

The best way is to break down your services into items Cayman Islands Phone Number List that can correspond to each of your topics, and break them down into detailed quotes. For example, if you list customer issues A, B, and C, and their corresponding services are A, B, and C, what are the corresponding quotations?


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Give clear and unambiguous commitments

After you propose a solution and quotation, the next step is to try your best to answer various questions raised by the other party. The more questions you ask, the greater the chance of closing the deal.

And when the customer has obtained all the information they need, you have to get a definite answer from them. Sometimes they will say: “I will think about it again…” or “I need to discuss it with my family/partners/shareholders…” ”

If this is the case, be sure to set a specific response time. You can say to him: “Can we get your reply before a few weeks?” If the time is up and the other party does not reply, stop spending time on it. Never engage in meaningless follow-up sales with this customer.


Some final suggestions

What most professionals sell is time. Time is our cost and Belgium Phone Number the most precious resource! All professionals must have such awareness and awareness. The purpose of providing free consultation is to sell and screen customers.

The above contents are all theoretical. Theory is always pale, and practice is the key. But you may encounter some bottlenecks or obstacles in practice.

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