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Small business club. She helps entrepreneurs with finances, taxes, startups, and strategic relaunches. Irina prepar for us a large, very large material about online cash registers. In this part, we will learn what online cash registers are, why they ne to be install, and what will happen if this is not done. The article turn out to be more like a book, which is not surprising, because it took me almost half a year to write it. During this time, I attend seven professional seminars and conferences on cash reform and its implementation, and read more than 100 articles and discussions from various sources.

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That in the pursuit of uniqueness in order Bulk SMS Poland to increase traffic to their resources, the authors were often so fond of rewriting that they distort important details beyond recognition. Therefore, I highly recommend taking the time to read this well-review and fully time-test article. How to accept payments in cash, by cards, via the internet? Who, when is oblig to connect the online cash register and what is it? Are individual entrepreneurs exempt from the use of online cash registers or are they not? These are the most common questions entrepreneurs ask me during consultations.

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Discussions has been growing in the business Doctors Email List environment relat to cash desks, payments and all the processes of money exchange between sellers and buyers. After all, serious changes and amendments have been made to these issues. The procure for working with payments from individuals is regulat by law 54-fz “on the use of cash registers” (fz is a feral law, cash registers are cash registers). I will try to tell you as simply and clearly as possible what this law is about, who is affect by the changes to this law that have already enter into force in 2017, and how we can live with this further. 747_onlayn-kassa-wiki-mini-54-fzthe concept of “online” has join cash registers.

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