Mastering time costs and customer relationships

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Mastering time costs and customer relationships The customer list is the most important asset for business and professional service workers. As long as you have a large and accurate list of potential customers, you can quickly convert performance from the list no matter what you sell.

It can be said that the list is more valuable than money to the business and those who take the cases, so if you are also someone who needs to obtain the list, be sure to read this article completely. We will introduce how to effectively obtain and Manage the list.

What is a customer list Mastering time costs and customer relationships

Simply put, the customer list is the contact information of potential customers, including mobile phone number, email, customer’s Line, etc. You can directly contact the customer’s channels.

Once you have these lists, you can categorize them Macedonia Phone Number List according to customer types. The advantage of list marketing is that it can help us directly contact a group of customers who are interested in products or services, which can improve conversion rates and marketing effects.

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List of the 2 most common types in Taiwan

Of all list types, phone calls are the most direct, but also the most intrusive. Nowadays, people hate advertising calls very much because there are too many scams, and they are also cautious about text messages. So while it’s nice to have a phone number, it’s not that useful. The best list channels are Line and email:

Line account:

In Taiwan, Line is the most popular Brazil Phone Number communication software. Almost everyone, from the elderly to children, does not have a Line account. Line also provides many automated functions, so by asking people to join Line’s official account (formerly Line@), Line communities, etc., these are all ways to accumulate a list of potential customers.

Want to know how to run a nurturing list through Line community? You can refer to my article

After social media came out, many people underestimated the power of email as a list tool, ignoring more than 60% of people who still use email every day. In fact, Email is also our most efficient tool at present.

Many people think that email marketing is ineffective because they send spam advertising letters that are of no value to users. In fact, through our own operation, as long as the content is attractive enough, the email opening rate and conversion rate are frighteningly high.

List acquisition process

Whether you want potential customers to join your Line or subscribe to emails, you must first promise the other party a benefit and make the other party willing to exchange their contact information. Therefore, a standard list acquisition process includes the following three steps:

Make a swap list gadget

First of all, you need a gadget that can attract potential customers, such as free e-books, checklists, online courses, etc. This gadget is not only used to obtain lists, but also used to screen potential customers.

If you want to sell a house, you will be interested in gadgets such as “Precautions for Selling a House”. Through different gadgets, we can help us distinguish customer types.


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