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Launch promotion after you have studi your target audience and creat a course on the platform, it’s time to start promoting it. This stage is the very tip of the iceberg. Landing on a one-page website, briefly describe the essence of your course, the results that students will achieve, the timing, speaker, and fees. Do not overload the landing page with the number of screens and give the visitor the opportunity to ask a question. Be sure to make some prominent registration buttons, including at the beginning for those who have already made a decision. The following are good examples: magnet engage your audience with free information products.

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Than one course stream, but a school that will Bulk SMS Singapore work for a long time. Gather a community on social networks and post useful information there. Komm’yunity viral content make your course so that you want to share the results of the assignments, and promise bonuses for talking about you on social networks. Examples of viral content that I like: virusnyj content virusnyj content primery create virusnogo kontenta kak sozdat’ virusnyj kontent modern realities are such that the usual sales schemes us by information businessmen do not work as effectively as before. The trend is to increase ltv lifetime value.

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Taken into account: to study the audience pay Doctors Email List great attention. The ucational model, make the course interface convenient and pleasant. Stir up the audience’s interest with cool. The founder of the angry.Space service, nikolai zharyy, shar recommendations that will allow you to correspond with such clients politely and with dignity. Estimat reading time is 9 minutes. Communicating with customers on social networks is not such an easy task as it might seem at first glance. On the one hand, we are fenc off from each other by a screen.

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