Kapuxiu Time Capsule Tourist Factory

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Kapushow Time Capsule Tourist Factory. Today, the traveler came to the Kapushow Time Capsule Tourist Factory in Minxiong, Chiayi. Through the introduction of the tour guide, we learned that Kapushow has transformed from a skin care product belt factory into the current tourist factory. It is also the only time and space factory in Taiwan. This is a capsule-themed tourist factory. Let’s explore it with Travel Cafe now.


Coming to Kapusu Tourist Factory is not just about shopping, you can also come here to absorb some knowledge.

You can even bring your children here to make DIY facial masks

Summer vacation is coming soon~ If you come to Chiayi, you can stop by this place. It will be a good choice~

The wife buys cosmetics, the husband buys health food, and the kids do DIY. Isn’t it the best of all three?

The traveler was invit to the Malta Phone Number List Capshow Time Capsule Tourist Factory for an interview.

Even though travelers are not wearing makeup, they often see cosmetic capsules and facial masks on TV.

Many cosmetics here can be filled into capsules, which also opened my eyes to the fact that this is how capsules are made.

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Kapuxiu Time Capsule Tourist Factory

The general public does not need to make reservations or tickets for a pure visit. If you need the DIY part, it is recommended to make a reservation in advance to avoid being full at the time you want. The tourist factory is open from Monday to Sunday .

If you need to park, you can park Malaysia Phone Number List outside the tourist factory or on both sides of the road.

Kapuxiu Time Capsule Tourist Factory

The exterior walls of the dressing room are also painted, full of cartoon atmosphere.

Kapuxiu Time Capsule Tourist Factory

At the Karp Show, you will see the time capsule doll sign, which is really cute. You will be attracted to visit it when you walk outside.

Kapuxiu Time Capsule Tourist Factory

Follow the tour and there will be professional tour guides to explain during the tour~

There are explanations along the way so that you can have a better understanding of the production of capsules and masks produced by the tourist factory.

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