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Respond to any feback (even the most rude and bias) correctly and politely. Avoid deleting negative comments, and don’t get carri away creating bogus self-praising odes. This will deal a devastating blow to your online reputation. It’s better to write what you did to level the unpleasant situation and what real steps you took to improve the service. Create a community of grateful customers around the brand, encourage them with compliments, bonuses and promotions. In return, feel free to ask them for feback on your company’s new products and services. If an embarrassing incident could not be avoid and made public, the worst of the worst would be to ignore it. If the company is at fault, you will have to publicly apologize.

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Damage, tell us how to solve the Bulk SMS Argentina problem articles Regular placement of content in the mia will help the company get into the top search results and significantly ruce reputational losses in case of force majeure. After all, if you don’t tell the audience about your advantages and expertise, then who will?It may seem that sales are the final stage before the launch of the course. In fact, sales begin the moment you decide to launch an ucational project. Read more about this in the article by ruslan gumarov, marketer of the core online platform. Estimat reading time is 10 minutes. Selling an online course is not only an announcement on advertising platforms.

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This is also painstaking work on ucational content

Ideally, this is the development of an ucational Doctors Email List trajectory for specific “pains” and user requests. Therefore, selling an online course can mean all stages of its creation. We will consider them in this article. Studying the target audience selecting material and choosing a course model choosing a platform for creating an online course launching a promotion studying the target audience you ne to study the target audience of your course or online school even before you start creating it. After all, then you can make your information product as useful as possible for students, and they themselves will want to buy it, having learn what they can learn. If there is already a course, the target audience still nes to be carefully analyz in order to make the right accents.

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